Top 10 #ala2013 Tweets – Day 0 (Thursday)

| June 28, 2013


Welcome to Chicago, everyone! Feel that adrenaline coursing through your body for Annual? Feel an increase in serotonin? That excitement isn’t dying down any time soon. On Thursday (Day 0) of Annual, the twitterverse was booming with enthusiasm . . .  

Barrington Library says: Chicagoans: If lots of polite, well-read and helpful tourists magically appear this weekend, they are librarians. :) #ala2013






Ashley Parker-Grave tweeted: People say Disney is the happiest place on earch, but aside from benig with my husband, I'm pretty sure that it's an ALA conference! #ala2013







Kayla Kasprak tweeted: I'm so ready for the nerdfest to begin. #ala2013






. . . amused wonder . . . 


Andy Woodworth tweeted: #ala2013: Chicago Police have been instructed to issue citations for individuals who are "drunk while being a librarian."






Susan Orlean tweeted: Have you ever hung out with 20 gazillion librarians? It's . . . wild. #notkidding #ala2013






. . .  and dismay.


@BookishBethAnn tweeted: Things I've learned at #ala2013 thus far...Chicago cabbies apparently get licensed at Dukes of Hazard driving school. Holy crap.







Tweeters have been using #ala2013 to document their packing woes (you can never have enough shoes) . . .


@hollysue tweeted: I appear to be pretty much packed for #ala2013. I can neither confirm nor deny that there is a bag full of shoes.






Andromeda Yelton tweeted: Macy's clerks hadn't realized there was such a thing as a librarian conference. Now they do.







. . . the battle between #ala2013 and #ala13 . . .


Jarett J. Krosoczka tweeted: @nancyresep @rebeccazdunn I dunno. @alaannual is using #ala2013, and they're like the class president.







. . . and the unfortunate folk who are #alaleftbehind. 


Donnie Johnson tweeted: Anyone at #ala2013 willing to pick up any great buttons/stickers/other swag for me? I am #alaleftbehind! *saddest trombone*







Who will be in the Top Ten Tweets tomorrow? A tweeter lost for words (or just lost) in the vastness of more than 800 exhibits? Maybe a poor librarian stuck in traffic or crowd surfing over Blackhawk fans? Check back tomorrow to find out. May the odds be ever in your favor!


JULIE CAI is an intern with the American Library Association.