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Top 10 (okay, 20) #ala2013 Tweets – Monday, Day 4

| July 2, 2013

The stampede for swag may have died down, but Day 4 of #ala2013 still had tweeps and attendees booming with excitement. Award receptions, Conversations Starters, speaker sessions, and competitive fun were the trending topics in the biblio-twitterverse. Twenty tweets? Twenty? Really? In our defense, that’s double the awesome! Here are your top tweets for Monday:


The morning started out well for some . . . 

Lauren Elizabeth tweeted: "Up bright and early for Tumblarian 101, my real life and Internet wires have really crossed this week and I'm into it. #TumblrALA #ala2013







Kristi Chadwick tweeted: All the coffees. #ala2013





Genifer Snipes tweeted: Beat the #ala2013 morning crowds to @Starbucks by minutes. Hopefully this bodes well for the rest of Monday.






Kathleen Spale tweeted: Idea explosion at #ala2013 from Unconference to Ignite sessions to Conversation Starters to Top Tech Trends by @ala_lita!








While others had a more, well, typical Monday:

Max Anderson tweeted: Is it a sign that I'm not supposed to present this morning at #ala2013? My front door's handle fell off and I couldn't get out. #fb







Then there are the problems only #ala2013 attendees would have:

PaperblogPrincess tweeted: Just realized I haven't really read since Wednesday...#ala2013: Where librarians go to not read books! #librarianproblems






Meg tweeted: I have an ALA rash. So many bags, so much collateral damage. #ala2013 #rash





Max Anderson tweeted: I can remember when ALA was a day longer. I'm wiped out so I can't imagine it going on any longer. I need a daylong nap. #ala2013







Alice Walker’s Auditorium Speaker Session inspired: 

Carol Tilley tweeted: Our present predicament's greatest cause is fear of sharing...Alice Walker #ala2013







Attendees enjoyed the Michael L. Printz Program and Reception:

Steve Thomas tweeted: "Fiction is a lie that tells the truth." --Elizabeth Wein #Printz #ala2013






Battledecks trended so hard it got its own hashtag . . .

Barbara Ferrara tweeted: Battledecks was a fabulous and fun program. Maybe I'll practice and do it next year. Luv sarcasm. #alabattle13 #ala2013






Nancy Foasberg tweeted: I'm kind of in awe of the ASL interpreters at Battledecks. How is this even possible??? #alabattle13 #ala2013







. . . and your #ala2013 victor emerged:

Sarah Houghton tweeted: Your 2013 ALA Battledecks champion! Wait, I'm wearing color. . . #alabattle13 #ala2013







Attendees have begun packing up and leaving the Disneyworld of Libraryland . . .

Brenda Lozano tweeted: My free #ala2013 exhibits pass got me a ton of bookmarks. I can finally keep track of my reading in 163 books at once!





Barbara Moon tweeted: With great effort suitcase is closed. #toomanybooks #ala2013




Carolyn Ciesia tweeted: Last day of #ala2013 feels like the last day of camp, knowing that I won't see some of you for a year or more.





Stacey Knibloe tweeted: I'm leaving #ala2013 with the same amount of books as I came with. How did that happen? Met an astronaut though so still a win!






Natalie DeJonghe tweeted: Last day of #ala2013 for me. Sadly, I return to my real life tomorrow. Lame.





Travis Jonker tweeted: Trying to figure out how to retweet an entire weekend.






This is also our problem when narrowing down top tweets!
You can blame us for being indecisive, but we can blame you all for being too awesome!


Bonus tweet—library pun:

Emily J. Hurst tweeted: Did you hear about the librarian who tripped and fell in the library? She was in the non-friction section. #ala2013