Top Ten (Just Kidding!) Tweets – Day 2 (Saturday)

| January 26, 2014


It’s the second day of Midwinter and the biblio-twitterverse is still bustling with excitement. Attendees are still acclimating to all the swag, advanced reader copies, poor weather conditions, and of course, awesome people and events.


Not much love for the snow:

Jason Kucsma tweets: “Philly, I wouldn’t tell you this if we weren’t friends, but this is a snow shovel. You should use it. #alamw14”







Martha Mihalick tweets: “Raise your hand if you're up too early and wearing two pairs of tights. #alamw14”







Well, somebody loves it:

Katherine Harrison tweets: “I got galleys and it snowed and there were teens and the librarians were SO nice! If I could go to #alamw14 every day I would.”







Google was getting a lot of love as well:

Tom Bruno tweets: “Went to an awesome Gathering of the Library Glassholes this evening at #alamw14.”






Silvia K. Spiva tweets: “#GmailDown during #GoogleGlass demo at American Library Association #alamw14 Coincidence or proof that librarians can break the internet?”








The swag was also awesome:

Monica St. Dennis tweets: “I think I'm going to need to buy another ticket to get all my ARCs home on the bus. They can have their own seat . . . #alamw14”






Suzanne tweets: “Just saw a woman with a tote that said Keep Calm But Not Too Calm.”






The Cover Contessa tweets: “Day 1 at ALA! Holy cow 69 books! #alamw14”







Midwinter’s been pretty great so far:

Andy Woodworth tweets: “I talked myself hoarse at #alamw14 already. Great company. And whiskey. And wine. And tequila. And bourbon.”







Ariel Birdoff tweets: “On a total nerd high right now. #yalsa #alamw14”







Kate McAngus tweets: “Sometimes at #alamw14 you're just trying to watch a Harry Potter marathon when your hotel goes into lockdown. #sheratonhotels”








Bryan Alexander tweets: “RT @library_chic: OH: it would be better with clown heads #alamw14 <-disturbing tweet of the week.”







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