Top Ten (Really!) Tweets – Day Five (Tuesday)

| January 28, 2014

Time to say goodbye to Midwinter, lug all those ARCs and tote bags back home, and return to reality. It was the best of times (Midwinter was awesome!), it was the worst of times (it was very cold). Tweeps share their farewells, their reflections, and their recovery:

Emma de Boer tweets: “Had a wonderful time at #alamw14 met great people and am even more excited about profession than I was before”





Audrey Hamelers tweets: “Literally busted blood vessels in my shoulders lugging way too many books around #alamw14. I am so dedicated to literacy.”






PrincessOfTheWorld tweets: “My #alamw14 committee spent the whole weekend getting progressively sicker. This morning there are signs I may be infected.”





Jenna Goodall tweets: “Slept 10 hours last night. I needed some #alamw14 recovery!”





Martha Mihalick tweets: “Headache, aches & pains, exhaustion...I think I have an ALA hangover. #alamw14”





Aaron W. Dobbs tweets: “@phepbu @ThatAndromeda @andrewkpace @kgs @alamw Wait, what? Moar Ribbons?!”





Lisa Spagnolo tweets: “Thanks for the groove, #alamw14, and for showing me real winter. To airworld and Cali.”






Andy Woodworth tweets: “My voice is still froggy from #alamw14. I should do the program announcements now while I have the Barry White thing going on.”






“@alamw Did you know that #alayma was Trending Topic for 3 hours? @alscblog #trndnl”







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