Salsa Throwdown at San Antonio Public Library

August 21, 2012

Picking up the culinary gauntlet thrown down by San Antonio (Tex.) Public Library, 20 area teens formed several salsa-making teams at SAPL’s Central Library August 8 at the “Pica! Teen Salsa Throwdown” and left it to the judges to decide which team of 13–18 year-olds had created the zestiest dish. Ingredients were donated by the San Antonio Food Bank and prizes and giveaways came from Mission Restaurant Supply. Designed to teach healthy eating habits and combat child obesity, the event is part of an ongoing effort by SAPL in conjunction with the food bank and earned the partners a 2012 Top Innovator Award from the Urban Libraries Council in June.

Teens Austin (left), Benjamin, Noe, and Adam reveal their salsa-making secrets to the “Pica! Salsa Throwdown” judges at the San Antonio Public Library contest. (Pica translates roughly from Spanish to English as spicy.)
Team members chopped, grated, and mixed with enthusiasm at San Antonio Public Library’s “Pica! Teen Salsa Throwdown.” San Antonio Food Bank donated the selection of ingredients from which contestants could create their unique salsa sensations.
A three-judge panel ranks the salsa made August 8 by teams of 13- to 18-year-olds at San Antonio Public Library’s salsa-making contest, held at the Central Library. The judges were Cassandra Lavenby, cohost of KABB Fox-TV’s @ 9; Tim Dwyer of Mission Restaurant Supply; and Joseph Dominguez of the San Antonio Food Bank.



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