2020 Voting and Census Timeline

December 2, 2019

2020 calendar

With the upcoming primary elections and caucuses, the general election in November, and the decennial census officially starting in April, 2020 is going to be a busy year for library outreach efforts. Use this timeline to keep track of upcoming milestones and deadlines for your community.

Voter registration: Many states have deadlines to register to vote or update a voter registration (for example, if a previously registered voter has moved, changed their name, or regained eligibility to vote). To vote in a state’s primary or caucus, these deadlines are generally one month before. To vote in the 2020 general elections, these deadlines are generally in early October. Confirm with your secretary of state’s office.

Absentee voting: Some states have a deadline to request an absentee or mail ballot. Confirm with your secretary of state’s office.

Early and mail-in voting: Many states offer some form of early or mail-in voting, which begins in some places more than a month prior to Election Day. Confirm dates with your secretary of state’s office.

Key Dates

Dates with an asterisk (*) are tentative.

February 3: Iowa caucuses

February 11: New Hampshire primaries*

February 22: Nevada Democratic caucuses

February 29: South Carolina Democratic primary

March 3 “Super Tuesday”:

  • Alabama primaries
  • Alaska Republican conventions*
  • American Samoa Democratic caucus
  • Arkansas primaries
  • California primaries
  • Colorado primaries
  • Maine primaries*
  • Massachusetts primaries
  • Minnesota primaries
  • North Carolina primaries*
  • Oklahoma primaries
  • Tennessee primaries
  • Texas primaries*
  • Utah primaries*
  • Vermont primaries*
  • Virginia primaries*
  • Democrats Abroad primary

March 8: Puerto Rico Republican primary

March 10:

  • Hawaii Republican caucuses*
  • Idaho primaries*
  • Michigan primaries*
  • Mississippi primaries
  • Missouri primaries
  • North Dakota Democratic caucuses
  • Washington primaries

March 12: Virgin Island Republican caucus*

March 14:

  • District of Columbia Republican convention*
  • Guam Republican caucus*
  • Northern Marianas Democratic convention*
  • Wyoming Republican conventions*

March 17:

  • Arizona Democratic primary
  • Florida primaries*
  • Illinois primaries*
  • Northern Marianas Republican convention*
  • Ohio primaries

March 21: Kentucky Republican caucuses

March 24:

  • American Samoa Republican caucus*
  • Georgia primaries

March 29: Puerto Rico Democratic primary

April 3–5: North Dakota Republican state convention*

April 4:

  • Alaska Democratic primary
  • Hawaii Democratic primary
  • Louisiana primaries
  • Wyoming Democratic caucuses

April 7: Wisconsin primaries

April 28:

  • Connecticut primaries
  • Delaware primaries*
  • Maryland primaries
  • New York primaries
  • Pennsylvania primaries*
  • Rhode Island primaries*

May 2:

  • Guam Democratic caucus
  • Kansas Democratic primary

May 5: Indiana primaries*

May 12:

  • Nebraska primaries*
  • West Virginia primaries

May 19:

  • Kentucky Democratic primary
  • Oregon primaries

June 2

  • District of Columbia Democratic primary
  • Montana primaries*
  • New Jersey primaries*
  • New Mexico primaries*
  • South Dakota primaries*

June 6: Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses

July 13–16: Democratic National Convention, Milwaukee

August 24–27: Republican National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina

September 24, National Voter Registration Day: An unofficial holiday that takes place the fourth Tuesday of September when many communities and organizations promote voter registration. ALA is partnering with National Voter Registration Day to encourage libraries to support voter registration efforts, in states where that is appropriate.

November 3: Election Day

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llustration: Drew Bardana

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