About American Libraries

American Libraries, the voice of the profession and the flagship magazine of the American Library Association, is published 6 times yearly, with occasional digital supplements, by the American Library Association. ISSN 0002-9769. Printed in the USA. Subscription price is included in ALA dues. The magazine is sent to some 65,000 individuals and organizations worldwide. ALA members receive American Libraries as a perquisite of membership.


Membership in ALA is open to any individual or organization interested in library service and library and information science and technology. For changes of address, contact the Membership Line at 800-545-2433, ext. 5108 or e-mail membership@ala.org. Toll-free hotline for membership problems is 800-545-2433, ext. 4299.

Institutional subscriptions

American Libraries is also available to libraries and other institutions by paid subscription: $70 per year, U.S., Canada. Foreign: $80 per year. Single issues are $11.50, discounted 40% for five or more prepaid from ALA Accounts Receivable. Order online, fax orders to 312-944-7841, email to subscriptions@ala.org, or phone Charisse Perkins, 800-545-2433 x4286. To subscribe for one year, send the amount specified above to (or request invoicing from) American Libraries, Subscriptions, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611. Include full address of recipient at the subscribing institution.


American Libraries is available full-text from ProQuest, EBSCO Publishing, H. W. Wilson, LexisNexis, Information Access, and JSTOR.

Editorial Policy

As stated in ALA Policy Manual, section 10.2:

Because American Libraries is the official organ of the ALA, the editor has a particular responsibility to convey to the membership and other readers full and accurate information about the activities, purposes, and goals of the Association. In order to carry out this responsibility, the editor may have access to privileged information. The editor must assume an obligation to represent the best interests of the Association and its units fairly and as fully as possible within the scope of the journal and with due regard to the editor's prerogatives in producing a balanced and readable publication.

ALA encourages publication in the news columns of American Libraries of news about all matters of import to libraries and librarians. The editor is guaranteed independence in gathering, reporting, and publishing news according to the principles of the Association’s policies on intellectual freedom.

Statements of official ALA positions on any matters shall be clearly identified as such when published in American Libraries. The editor must be free to analyze and interpret such matters as his or her judgment dictates, and such analysis and interpretation should appear over the editor’s signature.

News and views have their place in American Libraries, and every opportunity shall be assured for expression of diverse views when members believe such views run counter to their own, or when news is considered to be inaccurately or not fully reported. Signed interpretive comment shall be encouraged. Columns of American Libraries shall be kept scrupulously and faithfully open to all viewpoints of interest and concern to the library profession.

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Online posting

Commenting on American Libraries Online is subject to the editors’ discretion. Here are a few basic rules, though the editors reserve the right to remove any comment deemed offensive:

•     Please stay on topic.

•     No defamatory remarks about other people.

•     No cursing or pornography.

•     No advertisements or spam.

•     No politics external to ALA.

•     No organizing boycotts.

Content violating these rules will be removed. These rules are necessary to respect one another and to maintain ALA’s nonprofit status.