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Karen Muller

Technology in the Library

July 16, 2013

With this collection of books, we’re looking at ways technology—old and new—contributes to the management of libraries. In some cases, such as the card catalog, it answers a need and creates its own uses. In other cases, such as the cellphone, the technology was created for a different purpose but its adaptations transform library services … Continue reading Technology in the Library

Karen Muller

Disaster Recovery, Going Green, Protecting Privacy: How We Do Librarianship

February 6, 2013

Regardless of how large (or small) your library is, or whether you serve elementary school students, college professors, or retirees seeking the latest book by their favorite author, you are affected by issues that may change how we “do” librarianship. Here are a few recent titles that discuss these topics, sometimes raising more questions than … Continue reading Disaster Recovery, Going Green, Protecting Privacy: How We Do Librarianship

Karen Muller

Leadership and Advocacy

December 26, 2012

A thread through ALA President Maureen Sullivan’s mission has been “leadership.” Leadership takes many forms throughout our professional lives. We lead colleagues to accomplish the work of our libraries; we lead community groups to advocate on behalf of the library; we lead teams to learn new skills or to adapt a service in new ways. … Continue reading Leadership and Advocacy

Making Sure Libraries “Measure Up”

November 5, 2012

Times are tough for libraries, and when times get tough, managers—whether college administrators, a principal, a board of trustees, or even voters—start asking about the viability of programs and the measurable benefits of those programs. That’s why understanding how to measure your library’s activities—and therefore proving their value—is critical in today’s economic environment. In Using … Continue reading Making Sure Libraries “Measure Up”

Practical Matters: Prepare, Protect, and Market Your Library

July 30, 2012

Most libraries in the US are small. For public libraries, this means that the population served is under 25,000 people. Similarly, two-thirds of academic libraries serve institutions with fewer than 3,000 students. When it comes to school libraries and many special libraries, staff numbers are typically small as well. What this means, practically speaking, is … Continue reading Practical Matters: Prepare, Protect, and Market Your Library

Occupying Technology

December 14, 2011

A few years ago an earnest-sounding college student called the ALA Library to gather information about librarianship as a career, adding that she didn’t want to work with computers. We all have days we’d be happy to see our technology replaced with pen and paper that doesn’t crash. But that is not our world, and … Continue reading Occupying Technology

New from ALA Editions

December 9, 2011

With all types of libraries suffering budget crises, a key skill is to know where—and how—available dollars might be stretched. In Cost Control for Nonprofits in Crisis, G. Stevenson Smith interprets the principles of cost accounting for use in libraries and other nonprofits. Following an overview of the chapter, Smith provides tools and examples to … Continue reading New from ALA Editions