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Desiree Alexander and Valerie Tagoe

Programs for Diverse Teens

June 27, 2016

Their program, “You Did What? Programs For Diverse Teens,” sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association, was so good it should have had a cover charge and two-drink minimum. Never has a morning meeting been more entertaining and made an audience of librarians wanting more. Programming ideas included an urban lit club; a game … Continue reading Programs for Diverse Teens

Panelists (from left) Barbara Hoffert, Ari Berman, Elizabeth Lesser, Lydia Reeder, and Chris Smith

Reads Like Fiction: Nonfiction You Can’t Put Down

June 26, 2016

At United For Libraries’ Reads Like Fiction, Nonfiction You Can’t Put Down session, this random collection of words summarized tales from four talented writers telling compelling stories about real life events, moderated by Barbara Hoffert, editor of Library Journal’s Prepub Alert. Ari Berman opened the event discussing with passionate intensity his book Give Us the … Continue reading Reads Like Fiction: Nonfiction You Can’t Put Down

Amy Steinbauer and Bobby.

Storytime Live!

June 26, 2016

Had she not been a children’s librarian, I might have been concerned.  But everyone knows children’s librarians are a little silly. And right now, Amy Steinbauer, Children’s Librarian at the District of Columbia Public Library, was taking it to the next level with her tiny friend. Steinbauer, who trained with the improv comedy troupe The … Continue reading Storytime Live!

Pat Wagner and her easel pads.

Freelance Success Doesn’t Require a Projector

June 24, 2016

With more than 40 years experience as a trainer, educator, and consultant, Wagner doesn’t need to be fancy. She’s honest about that. She’s more concerned with building relationships and maintaining integrity, while helping as many people as she can along the way. It’s why ASCLA chose her to speak about “Freelance Success: Building a Business … Continue reading Freelance Success Doesn’t Require a Projector