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Follow Yourself

April 1, 2013

Do you listen to what customers say online about your library? Oftentimes they’re asking questions or announcing that they’re inside the building. Other times they’re sharing their experiences, both good and bad. But almost all of the time they’re using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to hold these online conversations. As library professionals, … Continue reading Follow Yourself

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

February 27, 2013

In the many presentations we have given over the years, one of the most powerful and most common questions we receive deals with psychology. The topic came up most recently when we were preparing a presentation on how library staff can communicate more effectively with information technology staff members. We initially wanted to emphasize that … Continue reading Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Community Connections

October 1, 2012

Has your library ever thought about using technology and communitywide projects to connect with customers? It’s not easy to pull off, but if you’re successful, your library can make new friends and contacts and can provide useful knowledge or entertainment for the community along the way. Topeka, where David works, has done a number of … Continue reading Community Connections

Essential Bookmarks

August 7, 2012

It’s no surprise: As a profession, we are facing a rapidly developing issue of growing significance, and that is e-content. It comes down to this: Libraries often cannot offer the types and amounts of e-content our users want and need. A lot of material is simply unavailable for us to access and circulate in electronic … Continue reading Essential Bookmarks