2015 ALA Presidential Candidates Forum

The four ALA presidential candidates respond to audience questions at the Midwinter Meeting.

February 2, 2015

2015 Candidates Forum
From left: Presidential candidates James LaRue and Joseph Janes, Parliamentarian Eli Mina, ALA Past President Barbara K. Stripling, and candidates Julie Todaro and JP Porcaro

ALA presidential candidates James LaRue, Joseph Janes, Julie Todaro, and JP Porcaro respond to audience questions at the Midwinter Meeting.



2:04: Opening statements.

19:15: Describe your experience in ALA and ALA Council.

24:38: What institutional and spousal or significant other support do you have?

30:44: Are you a current member of the Freedom to Read Foundation and if not, why not?

34:57: How do you envision working with ALA divisions?

40:58: How would you address library education and job prospects for future librarians?

46:48: How as ALA president could you support and amplify opportunities for librarians who serve primarily in state associations?

51:37: Closing statements


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