Call Number Podcast: Supporting Small Business

Libraries boost big ideas

May 15, 2023

Episode 83: Supporting Small Business

Small businesses are a big part of every community, and libraries offer a wealth of resources to support them. From research assistance to specialized programs and grants, libraries help entrepreneurs of all kinds flourish.

In Episode 83, Call Number highlights how libraries and librarians are supporting small business owners—particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

First, American Libraries Associate Editor Megan Bennett talks with Madeleine Ildefonso, managing librarian at Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL). They discuss LAPL’s Be a Successful Street Vendor program, a new offering that provides educational resources for local street vendors.

Then, American Libraries Associate Editor and Call Number host Diana Panuncial speaks with Saira Raza, business librarian at Emory University in Atlanta. Raza shares how academic librarians can help students fine-tune their business ideas and create a plan for success.

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