Council I Passes Two Resolutions

New award created

June 28, 2015

On Sunday, ALA Council met for its first session, with ALA President Courtney L. Young presiding.

President-Elect Sari Feldman, chair of the 2014–2015 Committee on Committees, presented the nominations for the 2015–2016 Council Committee on Committees election (CD #12). The nominees are Edward L. Sanchez, Gladys Smiley Bell, Min Chou, Maria Carpenter, Stephen L. Matthews, Cristina Dominguez Ramirez, Ellen Hunter Ruffin, and Rocco A. Staino. There were no nominations from the floor.

Feldman then presented the nominees for the 2015–2016 Planning and Budget Assembly Council Representatives (CD #12.1). The chapter councilor nominees are Ben Allen Hunter, Sherry Machones, Kris Seerengan, Patricia (Patty) M. Wong, Jason Hatton, and Jennifer Alvino; three councilors will be elected for two-year terms (2015–2017). The nominees for councilors-at-large are Mary Biblo, John C. DeSantis, Denice C. Adkins, and Eric D. Suess; two councilors-at-large will be elected for two-year terms (2015–2017).

Young appointed the tellers for the ALA Council elections to the 2015–2016 Committee on Committees and the Planning and Budget Assembly (CD #12.2): Kathleen M. DeLong, Eboni M. Henry, Douglas K. Lehman, Suzanne L. Sager, Kent Slade, William (Bill) E. Sudduth III, and Denise M. Zielinski (chair).

Eric Suess, chair of the ALA Awards Committee, proposed the new Ernest A. DiMattia Jr. Award for Innovation and Service to the Community and the Profession (CD #7). The $5,000 award would be given annually. The motion passed with no discussion.

James Rettig, chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBL), presented his report (CD #25.1), including an action item on an amendment to be voted on in spring 2016. After some discussion, a motion passed to refer the item back to CBL to clarify language.

ALA Immediate Past President Barbara Stripling presented the ALA Strategic Directions document (CD #37), which passed overwhelmingly. The new strategic directions replace the ALA 2015 plan.

Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels reviewed the Executive Board actions since the 2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting (CD #15.1) and the ALA Spring Meeting (CD #15.2). Fiels also presented the 2015 Midwinter Implementation Report (CD #9.1).

In new business, the Council overwhelmingly passed a Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries (CD #36) and a Resolution Denouncing the Systemic Racism that Motivated the South Carolina Shootings (CD #43). A Resolution on Libraries and Schools Affected by the Conflict in Gaza and Israel in 2014 (CD #40) was defeated, and a Resolution Against Mass Surveillance of the American People (CD #42) was referred to the joint Committee on Legislation/Intellectual Freedom Committee.

Fiels reported that there were 15,625 attendees and 6,738 exhibitors at Annual, for a total of 22,363 registrants; 19,639 attended in Las Vegas in 2014, and 22,303 attended in Chicago in 2013.

During the meeting, which coincided with the start of San Francisco’s Pride Parade, Young pointed out her own festive attire by saying, “You may have noticed the rainbow sash. GLBT Round Table Chair-Elect Peter Coyle brought a little of the parade to me.”

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.