IFLA Poster Sessions

A slideshow of highlights from around the world

August 19, 2016


Panelist discuss great marketing initiatives for libraries. From left: Sandra Singh, chief librarian, Vancouver (Canada) Public Library; Christie Koontz, associate in research at Florida State University’s School of Information; Silvère Mercier, IFLA Marketing and Management Section; and Nancy E. Gwinn, IFLA Management and Marketing Section.

Inspirational Library Marketing

IFLA section recognizes best examples with 2016 awards

Top row (left to right): Lesley Farmer, Gertrude C. Umunnakwe, Emmanuel U. Anyanwu, Valérie Glass, Isabel Mendinhos. Seated (left to right): Clayton Copeland, Karen Gavigan, and Elizabeth Burns.

Inclusive School Libraries

IFLA session explores tactics for accessibility and advocacy