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ALA JobLIST launches next-generation LIS career center powered by YourMembership

December 15, 2015

Screenshot from the new Joblist website

ALA JobLIST, the online career center for job seekers and employers in library and information science and technology, has launched a new version of the site. A joint project of American Libraries, the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) C&RL News, and the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment, the enhanced site is now positioned to serve users better through an updated service powered by YourMembership, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for organizations that serve specialized members.

“ALA and ACRL members represent some of the most engaged and qualified professionals in the field, making them highly appealing to employers, whether in libraries or other industries,” said ACRL classified ads coordinator David Connolly. “ALA JobLIST is the busiest it’s been since it launched in 2006. We expect that YourMembership’s expertise in job board technology and user experience quality is going to help connect job seekers with the right hiring employers more easily and effectively than ever before.”

In addition to serving as a robust source of hundreds of current LIS job opportunities, the improved ALA JobLIST offers a number of enhanced user-centered benefits to both job seekers and employers, including:

  • account integration with ALA web services; job seekers will use their ala.org username and password to access their ALA JobLIST accounts instead of having to keep track of different logins
  • the ability for job seekers to post their résumés anonymously, allowing them to be recruited while remaining in complete control over how employers view their information
  • a mobile-responsive environment to ensure that job seekers have an optimal experience regardless of their device
  • the ability for LIS job seekers to be alerted every time a new job becomes available that matches their personal goals and interests
  • extensive employment brand advertising opportunities for employers
  • simplified flat-rate pricing and a variety of new options for employers to expose job opportunities to librarians and information professionals who are not actively looking for a new position, including Jobs Flash emails to ALA and ACRL members and other interested parties
  • integration of job content into social media channels to provide valuable exposure of job openings and engage ALA and ACRL’s extensive social media audiences along with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn users
  • options for job seekers and employers to gain exposure throughout YourMembership’s network of nearly 2,500 niche career centers, including diversity-focused boards

“We’re proud to help take ALA JobLIST, a critical industry resource for library and information science and technology professionals nationwide, to the next level of effectiveness in connecting well qualified candidates and employers,” said Tristan Jordan, YourMembership senior vice president and general manager, revenue solutions. “Employers will now have access to more candidates, and job seekers will find more job opportunities, more efficiently, regardless of the devices they use to conduct their searches.”

For more information, visit ALA JobLIST.


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