Top Ten (or so …) Tweets – Saturday (Day 2)

Former 'Freak,' geeks rule Twitter at ALA Midwinter

February 1, 2015

What better way to spend a Saturday than at #alamw15?

Not much gets me up early on a cold morning but hearing about new books is one. Thanks @lbschool #alamw15

Did anyone else just get a winter storm warning push to your phone?? ❄ #chicago #alamw15

Snowshoes, apparently. RT @librariannies: Hey library friends, what did you forget to pack for your conference experience? #alamw15

Jason Segel on the importance of reading …

"Reading not only reminds you that you are smart and capable...but it makes you smart and capable." -Jason Segel #alamw15

@jasonsegel says books are a collaboration between author and reader. Nice! At #alamw15

"I hope the book helps everyone realize they are special. They don't need a golden ticket." @jasonsegel #alamw15

The Women in Geekdom panel brought to light an important discussion …

Good consensus at the Women in Geekdom panel on libraries as a safe, non-judgy space to encounter geek culture. #alamw15

.@Ehmee: #Libraries need to call out #misogyny and facilitate positive role models for girls. #alamw15

To librarians: "It's okay to take a stance! I did it and my video went VIRAL." @Ehmee #alamw15

#Libraries can be safe spaces nerdy fandom girls to explore and fit in, esp with an understanding librarian helping @mollyjane_k #alamw15

With so much to do at Midwinter, the demand for Time-Turners must be heavy!

I so wish I had Hermoine's time turner so I could go to all 5 of my 10am sessions. #alamw15

Looking at my scheduler for tomorrow and wondering where to get a time-turner so I can attend all 4 @ALA_LITA 10:30am sessions!! #alamw15

The #alaleftbehind’s coping methods …

Hey #alamw15 attendees! 80% of the #saturdaylibrarian you #alaleftbehind are picking through your chocolate stash

Major #ALAMW15 jealousy now from my twitter feed. Gonna unplug and work on assignments and spend time with doggies to cope.

Sadly sitting at the beach and staring at the Pacific Ocean in this 68 degree, sunny LA weather. #alaleftbehind

And a bonus sweet tweet from ALA President Courtney L. Young!

My day is bumping right along. Just took a moment to call my dad who told me to take good care of my organization. #alamw15


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