Top Ten (Plus Seven) Tweets – Day 4 (Monday)

January 27, 2014

For many, today was the last day of Midwinter, but also one of the most exciting.


A great way to start your morning is a large cup of coffee, a bagel, and the Youth Media Awards:

Stacy Ford tweets: “No less than five screens are streaming the #alayma at JFK today.”





Trevor Ingerson tweets: “#alayma and Printz are trending above #GRAMMYs with Newbery right behind. Good job people.”






Liesl Shurtliff tweets: “I am letting my kids eat cookies for breakfast because I don’t want to be interrupted. #alayma”






David Hurley tweets: “#alayma crashes the ALA website; #alacouncil can’t download their documents #alamw14”






Pam Bachorz tweets: “It feels so weird to work on #alayma day. It should be a national holiday! :)”





Amanda tweets: “Far more likely to check out the works of all of today’s winners at #alayma than any of last night’s #GRAMMY winners.”






Alex Y. Arnold tweets: “Every year during the #alayma announcements, my Twitter feed reminds me that I work in the cutest community ever. Not a thing most can say.”






Molly tweets: “What a celebration of children’s books and YA lit. Seriously. This is why libraries, reading to children, & imagination all matter. #alayma”






Trevor Ingerson tweets: “Fascinating to see spikes on the @goodreads stats for all the #alayma titles.”






Travis Jonker tweets: “This is my favorite Twitter day ever. #alamw14 #alayma






Wrap up and rev up for Annual!

EmFear: “So nice to see so many white—I mean, nice people here. James McBride, everybody #alamw14”






“Katie Bishop tweets: Missing the tweets already #alamw14 Can’t wait for #alaac14”






Here are some farewells for Midwinter:

“Roy Tennant tweets: “For me, another ALA Midwinter is in the can. I wonder what a can of #alamw14 looks like...awesomesauce with a dash of camaraderie?”






“Emily Clasper tweets: “Stocked up with enough giveaway books to buy back the Love of my children when I get home. #alamw14”





Jennifer Larson tweets: “It’s been an emotional day for us all. @alamw #librarianproblems”





Jennifer Reed tweets: “Thank goodness I have a six hour train ride home. I need to reflect on this weekend. So many good things happened. #alamw14”







See, hear, and read more about what’s going on at Midwinter—in real time and after. 

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