Keith Michael Fiels

Who We Are

August 27, 2013

Each year, I spend a good deal of time speaking to various groups about libraries and the Association. Often, I talk about library myths. One of the most widespread and persistent myths is that younger people are not joining the Association. Data, however, shows that this is just not true. In a 2009 study conducted … Continue reading Who We Are

Keith Michael Fiels

Rethinking, Reinventing

June 1, 2013

In late April, the ALA Executive Board and the Budget Analysis and Review Committee met to review the status of the current 2013 ALA budget and to approve a preliminary budget for the 2014 fiscal year that begins September 1, 2013. The continuing impact of the recession on libraries and projected revenues this year and … Continue reading Rethinking, Reinventing

Keith Michael Fiels

Reenvisioning ALA

January 14, 2013

Over the past few months, the ALA Executive Board has been involved in a range of discussions that reflect some of the more urgent issues facing libraries, and the Association’s strategic priorities. Because the Association, like libraries, must change and evolve to best serve our communities, a series of brainstorming meetings this fall asked both … Continue reading Reenvisioning ALA

Keith Michael Fiels

On a Screen Near You

May 16, 2012

Two items discussed during the ALA Executive Board Spring Meeting, held April 20–22, 2012, at the Association’s Chicago headquarters, illustrate the wide range of issues and activities affecting our members and their libraries. The board approved procedures and guidelines for ALA’s first Virtual Membership Meeting and discussed the current impasse regarding ebooks and libraries and … Continue reading On a Screen Near You

Keith Michael Fiels

Key Strategies Discussed

March 6, 2012

ALA’s Executive Board discussions during the 2012 Midwinter Meeting in Dallas focused on some key Association initiatives. The ALA Strategic Plan (PDF file) outlines Association goals and objectives and provides a framework for plans, strategies, and initiatives on a day-to-day and year-by-year basis. This past fall, the board met with the leadership of ALA’s 11 … Continue reading Key Strategies Discussed

Keith Michael Fiels

Transforming Libraries, Transforming ALA

December 14, 2011

The digital “revolution” has been a major topic of public attention and discussion among librarians this year, as we are confronted by daily developments, announcements, and headlines related to ebooks. The transformation being brought about by digital media has been a strong emphasis of the Association as well. During the fall meeting October 21–23 at … Continue reading Transforming Libraries, Transforming ALA

Keith Michael Fiels

E-books, Young Professionals, and Reinventing ALA

July 18, 2011

ALA’s Executive Board and governing Council spent much of their time during Annual Conference in New Orleans discussing—and acting on—a series of recommendations from five special task forces charged with exploring important issues facing libraries and the Association. Council’s Equitable Access to Digital Content Task Force has been studying the challenges and potential solutions in … Continue reading E-books, Young Professionals, and Reinventing ALA

Keith Michael Fiels

The Digital Revolution and the Transformation of Libraries

May 25, 2011

Two major topics dominated discussions during the ALA Executive Board Spring Meeting April 22–24 at the Association’s Chicago headquarters. ALA’s new 2015 strategic plan now includes a Transforming Libraries goal that calls for the Association to “provide leadership in the transformation of libraries and library services in a dynamic and increasingly global digital library environment.” … Continue reading The Digital Revolution and the Transformation of Libraries

Keith Michael Fiels

A Remarkable Ending to a Tough Year

December 28, 2010

Given the tough economy and the fiscal crisis that has affected libraries of all types, it was no surprise that the American Library Association found itself facing a $2-million revenue shortfall this past year—about 10%. Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of members, management, and staff, we were able to reduce … Continue reading A Remarkable Ending to a Tough Year

Keith Michael Fiels

Planning and Budgeting

May 12, 2010

At the ALA Executive Board’s spring meeting, held April 23-25 at the Association’s headquarters in Chicago, the board spent a significant amount of time discussing the draft ALA 2015 Strategic Plan (PDF file) and the latest revisions made to the plan based on comments provided by over 750 ALA members. The ALA Council agenda includes discussion … Continue reading Planning and Budgeting