Keith Michael Fiels

A Remarkable Ending to a Tough Year

December 28, 2010

Given the tough economy and the fiscal crisis that has affected libraries of all types, it was no surprise that the American Library Association found itself facing a $2-million revenue shortfall this past year—about 10%. Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of members, management, and staff, we were able to reduce … Continue reading A Remarkable Ending to a Tough Year

Keith Michael Fiels

Planning and Budgeting

May 12, 2010

At the ALA Executive Board’s spring meeting, held April 23-25 at the Association’s headquarters in Chicago, the board spent a significant amount of time discussing the draft ALA 2015 Strategic Plan (PDF file) and the latest revisions made to the plan based on comments provided by over 750 ALA members. The ALA Council agenda includes discussion … Continue reading Planning and Budgeting