Four Charged in Murder of Michigan Library Worker

Four Charged in Murder of
Michigan Library Worker

Four Florida residents have been arrested and extradited to Michigan on murder conspiracy charges in connection with the death of Martha Gail Fulton. The 48-year-old Orion Township (Mich.) Public Library clerk was gunned down on her way to the library parking lot October 4.

Authorities believe Fulton was killed in a murder-for-hire scheme concocted by Donna Kay Trapani, 46, the scorned lover of Fulton’s husband, George Fulton, who had developed a relationship with Trapani while estranged from his wife.

According to a December 3 Associated Press report, investigators suspect Trapani promised to pay Kevin Joseph Ouellette, 32, Sybil Ann Padgett, 36, and Patrick Allen Alexander, 19, between $15,000 and $20,000 to kill Fulton. At the time of the murder, Trapani was reportedly on the phone with George Fulton, but police do not believe he had anything to do with planning his wife’s death.

Posted December 13, 1999.