Idaho Man Revives Joy of Sex Challenges

Idaho Man Revives Joy of Sex Challenges

Nampa, Idaho, resident Randy Jackson, who twice before has complained about the city library having The New Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex in its collection, has asked the Nampa Public Library Board once again to remove the books from its collection.

The five-member board will discuss the request at its March 10 meeting, the Nampa Idaho Press-Tribune reported February 28. Trustees voted 4–1 in 2006 to retain the books but move them to upper shelves where they would be difficult for children to see. Since that time, two new members who may vote differently have joined the board.

“I’m glad they took the effort to do something a little different, but it wasn’t a true solution to the problem. I’m not asking them to remove all sex books,” Jackson said, adding that he finds these two titles “pornography and very detailed.”

Board Chairwoman Rosie Delgadillo Reilly, who was on the board in 2006 and voted to keep the books, said she will do the same if the issue comes to a vote at the meeting. “These books are widely circulated in the Treasure Valley. . . . We feel strongly we live in a diverse community and the collection should be open to everyone.”

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