ALA members attending the Annual Conference in Montreal made a side trip to McGill University, where they posed for this photo on June 9, 1900.

Things You Didn’t Know about ALA History, 1876–1900

February 11, 2016

Throughout 2016, American Libraries will be adding images to the ALA 140th anniversary Pinterest board in reverse chronological order, starting in 1876 with ALA’s founding and ending up with 2015. This blog post includes some of the imagery from the Association’s first 25 years of existence. In 1899, Melvil Dewey, a founder of ALA and … Continue reading Things You Didn’t Know about ALA History, 1876–1900

LIS Accreditation

Task Forces on LIS Accreditation Announced

October 30, 2015

The two task force charges and memberships are: Task Force on Accreditation Process and Communication CHARGE: To make recommendations to the ALA Executive Board on the following areas: External Communications, including the importance of LIS education to the profession, the academy, and the public; the celebration of the strength of LIS programs; and advocacy and … Continue reading Task Forces on LIS Accreditation Announced

Sari Feldman

The Future of the MLIS

October 30, 2015

I can’t help but wonder where MLIS degrees fit in this new landscape. We library professionals take pride in our degrees, but our job requirements are changing rapidly, and many of us feel underpaid and underappreciated. Conversely, I’ve heard our new MLIS graduates feel lucky if they can even find a traditional library job. Retirements … Continue reading The Future of the MLIS


LIS on the Job

December 16, 2013

Due to loss of funding over the years, many libraries opted to hire less expensive staff members who were not certified librarians. Now, even though people with the title “librarian” make up one-third of library staff, only half of all libraries reported having a credentialed librarian on staff in 2010, according to the Public Libraries … Continue reading LIS on the Job