Daphene Keys, public services librarian at Houston Community College, with the Baker & Taylor mascots

A Marketplace of Ideas

July 20, 2022

ALA mandated COVID-19 vaccinations and face masks for conference attendees, which lent some confidence for personal interactions on the exhibit floor. While some vendors noted lighter traffic than in past years, there appeared to be a sense of appreciation for the return of a live marketplace—and a consensus that virtual conferences have not been able … Continue reading A Marketplace of Ideas

Veronda Pitchford (left) and Callan Bignoli

Technology’s Silver Linings

June 26, 2022

Despite that positive theme, perhaps the most fervent response came when the discussion turned to the controversy of Hoopla’s recent platforming of content advancing white supremacy, COVID misinformation, and conversion therapy. “At a recent meeting in Massachusetts, they relied on the Library Bill of Rights” to justify providing access to these materials, observed Callan Bignoli, … Continue reading Technology’s Silver Linings