White Supremacist Sues Library after Speech Cancelled

White Supremacist Sues Library
after Speech Cancelled

World Church of the Creator leader Matthew Hale filed a federal lawsuit March 29 against the Schaumburg Township (Ill.) District Library, alleging it violated his rights by rejecting a request to let him speak there next month on the topic of “white pride.” The board cited its policy disallowing meetings that might disrupt library functions and the potential for violence in its March 25 decision to deny him meeting space, the Chicago Tribune reported March 30.

Hale charged that the board could not refuse the request because of the potential actions by demonstrators. “It’s the police’s job and the library’s job to make sure that I can give a speech without having altercations or disturbances,” he said.

Library attorney John Juergensmeyer said the library felt Hale’s request went “beyond library policy and beyond a reasonable interpretation of the First Amendment.”

Area resident Kathy Robertazzo initially invited Hale—whose organization advocates deporting minorities—to speak after she said she talked to at least 50 people concerned about the growing minority populations in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Hale drew controversy when he held a gathering in the Bloomington (Ill.) Public Library’s meeting room last October.

Posted April 2, 2001.