White Supremacist Wins Library Venue in Schaumburg

White Supremacist Wins Library Venue
in Schaumburg

Attorneys for World Church of the Creator leader Matthew Hale and the Schaumburg (Ill.) District Township Library reached an agreement August 7 allowing Hale to make a speech at the library. The decision came five months after library trustees had cancelled an April appearance by Hale out of concern about public safety. In March, Connecticut state police had used pepper spray to quell some 600 people who came to Wallingford Public Library to protest Hale’s speech there.

Director Mike Madden told American Libraries that because the presiding judge saw the overriding issue as the First Amendment, the library “compromised” by scheduling Hale for 7:30 p.m. on August 25, a Saturday night, two-and-one-half hours after closing. Officials “felt it was too risky to hold the meeting when other people were here” who were not attending the speech, Madden explained.

In an August 9 news release, Hale declared the agreement as “a great victory for our White Racist Cause,” adding that his speech will be on “the growing black crime in the fair city of Schaumburg,” and how “when nonwhites come into an area, crime—and violent crime at that—is the inevitable result.”

Posted Auigust 20, 2001.