Update: 6 Referenda to Watch

November 6, 2014

On Tuesday, we previewed six pivotal referenda across the country that put the fate of local library funding up for a vote. With all precincts now reporting, here’s a look at how the ballots were cast:

Funding Approved

  • Cape Elizabeth, Maine – Voters approved a plan to renovate and expand the Thomas Memorial Library.
  • Falmouth, Maine – Local taxpayers agreed to cover half of the estimated $5.6 million cost to renovate and expand the Falmouth Memorial Library.
  • Lemont, Illinois – Voters approved funding for a $2.8 million renovation project at the Lemont Public Library.
  • Park Ridge, Illinois – Voters approved a referendum seeking additional tax dollars for the Park Ridge Public Library.

Not Approved

  • Accomack County, Virginia Residents voted against a referendum that would have provided $3.5 million for a new main branch of the Eastern Shore Public Library.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina  Mecklenburg County voters refused a quarter-cent sales tax increase; 5% of which would have gone to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

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