#eBooksForAll Update

Possible implications of the scheduled ebook embargo

Colleen Lyon, head of scholarly communications at University of Texas at Austin.

Wading the Muddy Waters: Educating on Copyright and Digital Archives

Assisting students and faculty on copyright restrictions | Sponsored

Photo: Megan Rosenbloom.

Newsmaker: Megan Rosenbloom

Medical librarian talks about rare books, spooky subject matter, and Halloween plans

Graphic: Letters of the Law with Mary Minow

Can My Library Ban Guns?

Lawyer-librarian fields legal questions

Master Gardener Susan McCorry (in white hat) helps a family gather compost for their seed bombs at the Pico branch of the Santa Monica (Calif.) Public Library system for the library's ClimateFest program in April 2017. Photo by Jen Ullrich

Climate Change and Sustainability

Library programs focus on critical components of 21st-century science

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (behind podium) announces the elimination of late fees throughout the Chicago Public Library system on September 30 at Woodson Regional Library with CPL Commission Andrea Telli (center, holding paper) and American Library Association Executive Director Mary Ghikas (right). (Photo: Stephanie Hlywak/American Library Association)

Chicago Public Library Goes Fine-Free

CPL is largest library system in US to stop collecting fines

Libraries as Community Catalysts
Recapping OCLC's Library Futures Conference

Remembering Andrew Carnegie’s Legacy
A century after the philanthropist’s death, let’s recognize the role he played in strengthening America’s libraries

Censorship Beyond Books
Librarians share experiences of challenges to displays, exhibits, and more

Tiny but Mighty
A 320-square-foot library is having a big impact on early literacy

Bringing Book Clubs Online
Resources for digital book clubs

Bookend: Sparking a Love for Learning

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