John Sargent

Macmillan CEO Hosts AMA

John Sargent takes librarian questions on contentious ebook lending policy

Echo Brown

Miracles and Memoir

Echo Brown on the healing power of storytelling

Anders Lyon

What Types of Technology Should Librarians Scrutinize?

Can librarians be both pro-technology and pro-privacy?

Homa Naficy at the 2020 I Love My Librarian Award Ceremony

I Love My Librarian Awards

Highlights from this year’s ceremony

Author Julia Alvarez.

Migrant Narratives and Gray Areas

Author Julia Alvarez explores complex realities through fiction

Matthew Bollerman and Rebekkah Smith Aldrich.

Answering the Sustainability Question

How libraries can embed this core value into their work

Midwinter 2020 Top 10 Tweets—Day 1

Five Days That Changed a City
Wes Moore recalls lessons from the Baltimore riots at the Midwinter Opening Session

Midwinter 2020 Top 10 Tweets—Day 0

Dewey Decibel Podcast: Insider’s Guide to Philadelphia
Episode 46 looks at things to do during the 2020 Midwinter Meeting

Bookend: Medical Marvels

Ready to Binge-Watch?
Circulations soar as libraries add binge boxes to collections

Uncovering the Past
With digitization, libraries bring treasures to light

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