From Change Sings, by Amanda Gorman

By the Numbers: Poetry

Stats to celebrate National Poetry Month

Kal Penn

Finding Ourselves

PLA Day Three: books and representative collections as gateways to self-discovery

Patty Wong

Challenging Times

PLA 2022: addressing the swell of censorship cases

Brittany K. Barnett

Dream It to Achieve It

PLA Day Two: libraries as granters of opportunity and activators of potential

Speaking Up

PLA Day One: being courageous, setting boundaries, and building better boards

Legislative Update

Funding Closes Below Expectations for Libraries

Despite a disappointing FY2022 federal budget, a #FundLibraries advocacy campaign will launch soon

New ALA Poll Shows Voters Oppose Book Bans
Majority of survey respondents support librarians and oppose banning books from public and school libraries

Bookend: Go with the Flow

Getting Organized
More library staffers are turning to unions for security and social equity

Harbingers of Harmony
Equipping employees with tools for engagement and change in the workplace

Library program sparks interest in local Indigenous history and culture

Prioritizing Ethnic Studies
How library workers can support the field

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