Academic Insights by Nimisha Bhat and Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros

A New Ethic of Accountability

January 2, 2024

So what can we do? First, take inventory of your organization’s DEI interventions. This can include antibias training sessions, antiracism book clubs, climate surveys, land acknowledgements, diversity residency cohorts, and revised collection policies. Second, ask tough questions. Why has progress so far been measured in inches instead of miles? Can any of these approaches meaningfully … Continue reading A New Ethic of Accountability

Headshots of Nia Lam and Michelle McKinney

Fighting Posttenure Fatigue

January 2, 2024

However, in the days, months, and years afterward, tenured academic librarians may start to feel a lack of motivation, support, and career guidance. Mentoring programs customarily focus on early-career librarians, and many people begin to wonder, “What next?” To answer that question, we’ve highlighted strategies for dealing with posttenure burnout. Be intentional about your time. … Continue reading Fighting Posttenure Fatigue

Headshot of Library's Library columnist Reanna Esmail

Finding Funding

January 2, 2024

The Grant Writing Guide: A Road Map for Scholars By Betty S. Lai This is one of those books that accomplishes everything it promises. Divided into manageable tasks, the chapters provide practical advice, sample templates, and guided exercises to help applicants articulate their projects. Lai demystifies the grant writing process while thoughtfully reflecting on its … Continue reading Finding Funding

Photo of ALA Executive Director Tracie D. Hall. Text says "From the Executive Director by Tracie D. Hall"

Our History Is Our Protection

November 1, 2023

King knew the difference between being dejected and being disillusioned, drawing the distinction often in his writings and speeches. While being dejected is a natural reaction to opposition, the latter represents the capitulation of hope. King knew well that hope is needed for struggle. That connection is important for those of us who work in … Continue reading Our History Is Our Protection

On My Mind by Jules LeFort

Closing Access Gaps

November 1, 2023

In addition to having the option to take one college course per semester, incarcerated students can come to a computer lab once a week at their correctional facility. That’s where a student success specialist, a writing tutor, and I provide them with research assistance. My job is to answer questions and help students brainstorm search … Continue reading Closing Access Gaps

Dispatches by Ann Medialle

Cultivating Creativity

November 1, 2023

Acts of imagination include both play and creative endeavors. While play may appear to be merely a pleasurable activity, it serves an important role in human development. Creative endeavors, such as projects or everyday forms of problem-solving, give purpose and meaning to human existence. While libraries can be places for quiet contemplation and intense concentration, … Continue reading Cultivating Creativity

Academic Insights by Willa Liburd Tavernier

Community Creation

November 1, 2023

In a diverse local and global information ecosystem, maintaining community and trust is paramount, but increasingly difficult. Participatory processes and collective action can help address concerns and empower groups. Public open digital scholarship holds promise to achieve these ends. Below I highlight three of the Indiana University (IU) projects I have been involved in that … Continue reading Community Creation