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Reaching the nation’s most engaged librarians and administrators has never been easier or more immediate. From ads in our print magazine or digital supplements to banner ads on our websites and e-newsletters, we offer the greatest access to the most active librarians in the industry.

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At the center of this vital industry—with 117,000 libraries in the United States alone—is the American Library Association, the oldest and largest library association in the world. Our 60,000 members represent the most active and engaged librarians in the profession, decision-makers, and key administrators. Throughout the year, our members and their staffs rely on ALA print and electronic publications to stay on top of what’s important, what’s new, and what’s coming down the road.
According to the last Book Industry Study Group study, libraries purchase more than $5 billion worth of books and materials each year. Plus, they purchase a substantial amount of equipment, supplies, technology, and services too. You can learn much more about the library market by visiting the  ALA Library Facts web pages.

Build your sales with these targeted advertising opportunities
American Libraries—the print membership magazine of the American Library Association
American Libraries Magazine Online—the interactive website that keeps librarians up to date, 24/7
American Libraries Direct—the award-winning twice-weekly e-newsletter aggregating ALA and industry news
Digital Supplement—State of America’s Libraries
American Libraries Live—free, one-hour webinars on key topics in the library publishing world
Sponsored Blog Posts—information on your product of subject matter featured on AL Direct or on American Libraries‘ website
Special Delivery—promotions email sent on behalf of advertisers to 36,000 ALA members
Product News—monthly e-newsletter featuring products from American Libraries advertisers
Special Exhibitor Offers—email outreach before conference to registered attendees and 36,000 ALA members
ALA JobLIST—the number-one website for library and information science and technology jobs. More information at the JobLIST website.
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