ALA Treasurer Says New Business Still Key for Association’s Financial Strength

June 29, 2010

"As we experience the worst recession in 80 years, we need to deal with the immediate challenges of downsizing and getting through tough times," outgoing American Library Association Treasurer Rod Hersberger told the the Association's governing Council. "Through prudent management of our resources, we can leverage the Association's financial strength (to support new business development) and lay the groundwork for future success."

Council unanimously approved an FY2011 budgetary ceiling offered by Hersberger of $57.2 million (CD #13.1).

In other action, Council approved changes to  several ALA policies from the Policy Monitoring Committee dealing with membership dues and prerequisites, roll-call votes, revisions to Council minutes, Executive Board review, and policy manual revisions (CD #17.1); passed a resolution concerning the proposed closing of Louisiana State University's School of Library and Information Science (CD#42); approved a resolution to ensure equitable access to all formats of electronic content through libraries (CD#44 revised); and passed a resolution on ensuring summer reading programs for all children and teens (CD#47).