#alamw13 Top Ten (or so) Tweets – Day 4 (Monday)

January 29, 2013

After the excitement of the Youth Media Awards, Midwinter started to wrap up. But while many attendees began preparing to make their way home, plenty of events tempted them on what, for many, was their final day in Seattle. Notable among them were the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Observance and Sunrise Celebration, #MakerMonday, another eventful Council session, and the Star Wars–themed Wrap-Up/Rev-Up Celebration.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunrise Celebration is the best way to start the day imaginable #ALAMW13

Apparently everyone at #alamw13 is eating. All the time. All the things.

Important question for program development "how do we want what we do to make people feel" -Smitty Miller #alamw13

#alamw13 Also, in answer to "I use this library because..." the most promoters answer: staff. V heartening for me.

The final hour of an ALA conference seems like Brigadoon with libraryland disappearing into the ether again for a few more months #alamw13

From Maker Monday:

We aren't going to raise a generation of STEM leaders just by having them read textbooks. #creativity #education #makermonday #alamw13

come away with feeling that you can do things, inspires optimism #makerspace #alamw13 i can see great benefit for low income kids

Dare we tap-dance through the mine-field of Council II’s dues discussion? Why not.

@librarian_kate I'm in the same boat. Avoided joining ALA for years because employer won't pay for it. Make #ALA cheaper, I say! #alamw13

There have been only 2 dues increases for ALA membership in the last 16 years. Larger increases have effect on membership numbers. #alamw13

Wrapping up, revving up:

"Aspergers is a super power, schools are kryptonite, and libraries are bat caves!" Tom Angleberger #alamw13

No one gets in without a badge. Not even R2-D2 #alamw13

And finally, a bonus tweet that’s thinking ahead:

3 reasons to attend #ala2013 Khaled Hosseini, Temple Grandin and Congressman John Lewis. #makingmycasetoattend