Building Libraries Abroad

January 8, 2011

A new project that launched today aims to raise enough money to build a library in an otherwise book-free neighborhood in India.

The Buy India a Library project, which grew out of a Twitter discussion, is hoping to raise at least 1,250 pounds (U.S. $1,943). That’s enough to pay for furniture, books, and two years of a librarian’s salary through the Good Gifts Catalogue, a British charity.

“Although that’s more money than I have on me, it’s not actually more money than you can raise with the power of the internet and networking,” said Andromeda Yelton, who is leading the endeavor with Justin Hoenke of Portland (Maine) Public Library, Danish librarian Jan Holmquist, and British librarian Ned Potter.

The team is raising money through PayPal donations on its blog. Twitter discussion of the project is taking place under the #buyalib tag.

Andromeda Yelton describes the Buy India a Library project.


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