Call Number Podcast: Serving Our Veterans

Conversations about programming and services for military members

August 20, 2021

Librarians in the US serve different populations, each with a distinct set of needs. Among those are veterans, who often face unique challenges when returning to civilian life after their military service ends. Many of them turn to the library for help and resources, so it’s essential for library workers to know more about this community to better serve its members.

On Episode 65 of Call Number with American Libraries, we look at library services to veterans. First, American Libraries Senior Editor and Call Number host Phil Morehart speaks with Angela Maranville, a US Air Force veteran and director of knowledge access and resource management at West Virginia University (WVU) Libraries in Morgantown. They talk about her experiences as a veteran in the library profession as well as services that WVU Libraries offers for the university’s student veterans.

Next, Morehart speaks with Michael Steinmacher, director of Barr Memorial Library in Fort Knox, Kentucky, about libraries on military bases and the services they provide for vets and enlisted members.


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