Council II Passes Three Resolutions

June 30, 2014

ALA Council breezed through its second session on June 30, closing in under an hour and a half.

Retiring councilors were recognized by ALA President Barbara Stripling. The Policy Monitoring Committee’s resolution (Council Document #17.1) passed to improve member access to ALA governing unit information, which requires governing bodies of divisions and round tables to make meeting minutes available with 30 days of their meetings.

The Committee on Organization’s resolution (CD#27.1) passed to amend the ALA Policy Manual to require committees to submit reports biannually to the ALA executive director, as well as re-petitioning terms for Membership Initiative Groups.

Julius C. Jefferson Jr. submitted a report (CD#22.1) on activities of the Freedom to Read Foundation.

In new business, a resolution (CD#45) passed to encourage Congress to grant budget autonomy to the District of Columbia government to allow city services, including libraries, to remain open during a federal government shutdown.

Keith Michael Fiels reported that as of the close of business on Sunday, June 29, there were 12,806 registered attendees and 5,588 exhibitors, for a total of 18,396 attendees—a better-than-projected number of attendees. “All in all, a successful conference,” he said.

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