Midwinter 2019 Top 10 Tweets—Day 2

January 27, 2019

Top Ten Tweets

While some people started #alamw19 on Friday, some joined us for the first time on Saturday!

We started the day with listening to the amazing Sylvia Acevedo.


The exhibits were open for a full day today and well, some attendees, couldn’t contain themselves.


It’s also a great day to stop by a booth and let the authors know how much their work is appreciated!


Eric Klinenberg gave such an amazing afternoon talk that woke everyone up.

…even if you didn’t like the opening music.

Near the end of the night, it’s time to let loose and… play rock, paper, scissors. (Can we be invited next time?)

Finally after a long day, it was time to catch a screening of The Public with Emilio Estevez.

To our #alaleftbehind folks, we wish you were with us too.



Podcast panel at the PopTop Stage, ALA 2019 Midwinter Meeting, Seattle. From left to right: Gwen Glazer, Joseph Janes, Adriane Herrick Juarez, Phil Morehart.

Podcast Pros

Dewey Decibel host Phil Morehart leads librarian podcaster panel at Midwinter

Melissa Lockaby, assistant professor of library science at the University of North Georgia, demonstrates how not to greet patrons in libraries.

Soft Skills: Hard to Teach?

On self-direction, flexibility, and other things you didn't learn in library school