Top 10 Tweets–Friday (Day 1)

February 10, 2018

Top Ten Tweets

When you see the hotel has prepared for librarians:

But then you remember…

If it’s your first time attending #alamw18, networking is everything!

After introducing yourself, it’s time to head to the opening session, which hosted two inspirational speakers.

After the session, it’s time to practice your fast walking to the exhibits. (Also your carrying skills.)

However, if you skip out on opening night of exhibits, you begin to plan how to pack your second suitcase.

After exhibits, there are some evening events that continue to inspire.

As always, the first day of #alamw18 means a nice long sleep afterwards.

P.S. Hot tip for the rest of the weekend: If you’re attend a signing, make sure to get in line early or you might end up behind the big blue bear.

And #alaleftbehind folks, we’ll make sure to bug your colleagues to bring you back ARCs and swag.


Lecia Barker (left), senior research scientist at the the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and Nicky Rigg (right), Google's computer science education manager, were two of the presenters at "Creating Inclusive CS/Coding Programs for Youth," sponsored by ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy.

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