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Top Ten (Sike!) Tweets – Day 1 (Friday)

| June 29, 2013


The moment the #ala2013 Exhibit Hall opened Friday night, I wanted to duck for cover. Hordes of literature lovers and techies who were eagerly waiting outside the hall were suddenly charging towards me. It was like the scene in The Two Towers when Gandalf and the Rohirrim emerge from the sunlight in The Battle of Helm’s Deep. Howard Shore was composing in my mind at that point.

But I digress. The first day of Annual can be overwhelming for first timers. Even if you’re armed with an organized schedule full of sessions and events, stepping into the exhibit hall the minute it opens is madness. Nothing could have prepared you for it.


Some admitted to making life-changing sacrifices for Annual:


Laurie Halse Anderson: I ironed my pants today. Haven't touched an iron in more than a year. This is how much I love you, #YALSA, #ala2013






Max Anderson: It's such a beautiful day today in #chicago, I think I'll spend it inside at #ala2013.






One tweeter discovered the biggest kept secret since the Colonel’s original recipe:


Steph Fretwell-Hill tweeted: So far I have learned at #ala2013 that hockey fans are more boisterous than librarians.





Others counted colleagues:


Holli tweeted: Let's play count the cardigans.





Kenneth Petrilli: Registered. Soon the ribbon hunt shall begin . . . #ala2013






On a less chaotic note, the twitterverse was following the Opening General Session intently:


Library Sherpa tweeted: How many times has Rahm Emmanuel cursed during his #ala2013 talk? Put a swear jar on stage to raise money for travel grants.






Paul Signorelli tweeted: Steven Levitt: I set aside at least 10 hours a week to generate good ideas. . .but i'm not very good at it! #ala2013







Still, the most common theme in Friday’s tweets was the opening of the exhibits:


Holly Luetkenhaus tweeted: The lines for the exhibits at #ala2013 might be bigger than at the release of the first Twilight film.






William Ottens tweeted: I feel like I'm being bussed into #TheHungerGames . . . #ala2013






Everyone loved all the swag the exhibitors were handing out: 


Papercutz tweeted: (Note to Self: Bring 4,000 more tote bags to next year's ALA.) #ala2013





Sarah K. Harris: Completely amused, overwhelmed, and weighed down by first visit to #ala2013 Exhibits . . . never have to buy reusable grocery bag again.






Clare Davitt tweeted: 2 hours in the exhibition hall & my brain is spinning, my eyes are blurring, I'm carrying 2 bags of schwag & I only saw 25% of it.






Who will make the cut tomorrow in the next Top Ten Tweets? Use #ala2013 and maybe it will be you!