Top Ten (or So) Tweets – Day 0 (Thursday): Facing Mother Nature

January 23, 2014

As attendees prepare for their travels to Midwinter, Mother Nature creeps up behind them. With temperatures hitting the negatives, flights being canceled, and 13.5 inches of—snow blanketing Philly earlier this week, it’s a ginormous understatement to say this winter storm packs a punch. Hilarity ensues in the biblio-twitterverse as attendees document their struggles.

Allison Tran tweets: “Watching weather reports. I think I’ve convinced my 5yo I’m heading to Arendelle for #alamw14. He tells me to watch out for the ice monster.”







Andy Woodworth tweets: “If you’re coming to #alamw14, Philadelphia does kinda look like the opening scene from 12 Monkeys.”











ALALeftBehindCat tweets: “I just overheard my owner asking about Tauntaun rentals in the Philadelphia area. Anyone know a guy? #alamw14 #alaleftbehind #polarvortex”







Andy Woodworth tweets: “Weather forecast for #alam214: Hoth-like.”






Others fretted over attire:

Emily Clasper tweets: “Of course I’m wearing heels for #alamw14—they're for traction.”






Jennifer Anne tweets: “Let’s declare the dress code of #alamw14 to be ‘casual cozy’ and all wear bulky sweaters.”






Jami Nord tweets: “Folks heading for #alamw14: The important part with shoes for this weather: WATERPROOF. All else is secondary.”






Frank Skornia tweets: “I think for #alamw14 I’m going to claim New England sensibility over style for my packing. Warmth & comfort is going to trump impression.”








Some tweeps wondered how those from warmer climates will fare during their time at Midwinter:

Mike Furlough tweets: “Coming soon to your twitter feed: Librarians from the US west and the south freaking out about cold and snow at #alamw14.”







Giso Broman: “Chuckling to myself as I read the panic-stricken librarians from warmer climes as they pack for #alamw14.”







And let’s hope it doesn’t come to this:

Andy Woodworth tweets: #alamw14 “The Cannibal Roundtable will be gathering tonight to determine order in which members will be eaten if the conference is snowed in.”








Because internet:

Doge B. Rarian tweets: “omg flight to #alamw14. very weather. pls wait for doge. such totebags.”

















Who will be featured in tomorrow’s top tweets? Use #alamw14 in your social media posts and watch this space.

Be careful out there in the cold. Pro tip: Waddle in the snow—or bring your Tauntaun along.

Have a safe and warm Midwinter, everyone!

See, hear, and read more about what’s going on at Midwinter—in real time and after. 

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