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Barbara Stripling

The Future of Libraries

November 11, 2013

Have you noticed a tidal change in public perception about the future of libraries? I certainly have. I rarely hear the gloom-and-doom question from a reporter, “Do libraries have a future in this age of technology?” Now I am asked, “Libraries seem to be changing in interesting ways. What’s happening?” Libraries of all types are using innovative … Continue reading The Future of Libraries

Barbara Stripling

Libraries Change Lives

August 19, 2013

As a child, I dreamed of changing the world. And then I encountered Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I realized that dreams become reality only when we take action. So I embarked on a lifelong path to “being” the change through librarianship. I am deeply … Continue reading Libraries Change Lives


ALA, Future of Libraries, Digital Content, and Ebooks

June 12, 2013

Just over a year ago, the ALA Executive Board directed the Digital Content and Libraries Working Group (DCWG) to pursue more aggressive strategies to get ebooks into the hands of library patrons at a reasonable cost and under reasonable terms to libraries. This was to take the form of developing stronger messaging with the media, … Continue reading ALA, Future of Libraries, Digital Content, and Ebooks