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Amazon Squeezes Publishers

June 3, 2015

In part, that means that we’ve started to pay attention to the many, many midlist or indie presses that have started drastically boosting their output. We also have started (and it’s about time) to more closely track the many new players of an emerging ecosystem of publishing, not just here, but abroad. A case in … Continue reading Amazon Squeezes Publishers

Another Apple Ebook Lawsuit

February 4, 2014

Apple’s attempt to establish the agency model for ebook pricing got it less than 10% of its revenues in 2010. But an $840 million award would certainly cover the damages for price fixing. US District Court Judge Denise Cote found in July 2013 that because of the conspiracy, “the prices in the nascent ebook industry shifted upward, … Continue reading Another Apple Ebook Lawsuit


Wanna Write a Good One? Library as Publisher

June 25, 2013

Children’s departments began to appear in public libraries around 1900. Today, it‘s hard to imagine a public library without one. In many libraries, children’s materials account for more than a third of circulation. Now we have dedicated children’s librarians, children’s acquisitions people, and children’s programming experts. We have a host of early literacy specialists using … Continue reading Wanna Write a Good One? Library as Publisher