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Investing at the Library

April 1, 2013

The demise of many manufacturing jobs during the recent recession and the continued downturn of Michigan’s economy left Jackson County suffering. Estimates showed that one in four children in the county lived below the poverty line. It was clear something needed to be done and the staff of Jackson (Mich.) District Library felt it could … Continue reading Investing at the Library

A Q&A with Midwinter Speaker Peter Block

January 7, 2013

[leadAuthor and consultant Peter Block says empowerment, stewardship, and accountability are at the heart of what makes libraries function. As a bestselling author of Flawless Consulting, The Empowered Manager, and Community, Block writes books that deal with providing an alternative to mainstream cultural beliefs. He says connected communities can change the world, and libraries are … Continue reading A Q&A with Midwinter Speaker Peter Block