Books Abound at Book Buzz

Publishing picks draw early birds to Annual

June 21, 2019

While attendees of ALA’s 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition were still en route to Washington, D.C., Book Buzz—a chance for publishers and marketing teams to present their favorite new books to librarians—drew more than 110 local school and public librarians, as well as visitors from across the country, to the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library in our nation’s capital.

Book Buzz led off with a focus on children’s/teen literature. The children’s titles presented spoke to current social, political, and economical themes, such as the #MeToo movement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and climate change, while the afternoon focused on books for adults, such as historical fiction, murder mysteries, graphic novels, and cookbooks.

After listening to 17 publisher talks, attendees were eager to snag their free books—the beginning of the swag that surely awaited them in the conference days ahead.


From left, Mikel Gonzales, Dominique Robinson, Sommer Kinsler, Kelsey Coston, Sade Wilkins, and Cade Langsdon are a few of this year's selected interns. Photo: Phil Daquila

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