Call Number Podcast: Sexual and Reproductive Health Information

How libraries can provide guidance about reproductive health with resources and services

April 17, 2023

Episode 82: Sexual and Reproductive Health Information

When we discuss access to information, that includes information about our bodies and our health. Libraries have long been a lifeline to patrons looking to connect with health care resources, dispel misinformation, and find answers discreetly—even when our institutions are under attack.

In Episode 82, Call Number explores sexual and reproductive health information at the library.

First, ALA Editions Senior Editor Jamie Santoro chats with Barbara Alvarez, author of The Library’s Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information. Alvarez discusses a recent she conducted on how libraries provide such information and offers advice on what librarians can do to improve their services.

Then, American Libraries associate editor and Call Number host Diana Panuncial speaks with Beth Myers. Myers is director of special collections at Smith College. The women’s college in Northampton, Massachusetts is home to the Sophia Smith Collection of Women’s History. The two discuss the value of curating a collection that prioritizes sexual and reproductive health and how libraries can form collections of their own.

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