Council I: Discussion of Ceasefire Statement Postponed

New membership model, dues approved

January 20, 2024

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American Library Association (ALA) President Emily Drabinski called the first ALA Council meeting of the 2024 LibLearnX conference to order at 3:46 p.m. on January 20.

The Hybrid Council Meeting Rules (CD#5) and Council I agenda (CD#8.1) were adopted. The minutes from the June 2023 Annual Conference Membership and Council Meetings and the November 2023 Special Virtual Council Meeting (CD#2–#2.1) were also approved.

ALA Interim Executive Director Leslie Burger reviewed Executive Board actions since the 2023 Annual Conference meetings (CD#15) and implementation of actions from Annual and the Special Session (CD#9).

Cindy Hohl, chair of ALA’s Committee on Committees, presented nominations for the ALA Executive Board elections (CD#11). The at-large candidates are Nick Buron and Elizabeth A. Burns; the Rainbow Round Table candidates are Sherry Anderson and Peter Coyl; and the division candidates are Fannie M. Cox and Corinthia Price. Those selected will serve three-year terms (2024–2027). Drabinski also announced the tellers for the Executive Board elections (CD#11.1). Dorcas Hand will serve as head teller, along with Joy Bridwell, Kenny Garcia, and Anchalee “Joy” Panigabutra-Roberts.

Membership Committee Chair Sandy Hirsh presented the group’s report and presented a motion to approve an updated personal membership model and dues starting Fiscal Year 2025 (CD#39). The presented structure included four types of personal members and prices: Individual Type I ($125), library workers who work in positions that require master’s degrees, state certifications, or are managers; Individual Type II ($55), members who are earning less than $45,000 annually, working outside the US, retired, or otherwise don’t fit in Type I; supporters ($70), which includes Friends and trustees; and students ($40). The motion passed nearly unanimously.

Committee on Organization Chair Andrew Pace presented a successful motion to modify the composition of the Committee on Appointments (CD#27), by making the four elected members of the Committee on Committees ex-officio voting members of the Committee on Appointments.

Brian E. C. Schottlaender, cochair of the Policy Manual Revision Working Group, provided an update (CD#40) and ALA Treasurer Peter Hepburn took questions about his report presented at the Membership Information Session (CD#13).

ALA Council also discussed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza (CD#48), brought forward by At-Large Councilor Mandy Nasr. A motion to refer the resolution to the International Relations Committee (IRC) and Committee on Legislation, with a response by ALA’s 2024 Annual Conference and Exhibition, was defeated in favor of a motion to postpone the conversation until the end of the Council II meeting on January 21, after IRC presents its report and own resolution on the subject. The motion to postpone succeeded with a vote of 134–12, with two voters abstaining.

Burger reported the updated LibLearnX registration numbers. As of January 20, the conference had 1,972 registrants.

Drabinski adjourned the meeting at 5:13 p.m.


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