Latest Library Links, October 13, 2014

News from ALA and the profession

October 13, 2014

American Libraries Online

Collections are for collisions

ALA News

Adobe responds to ALA on egregious e-reader data breach

Division News

Hunger Games actress Willow Shields on Teen Read Week (video)

Día planning starts now

Awards & Grants

Apply for ACRL scholarships by November 7

Award committee reading

Chinese library wins new global architecture award

Genealogy scholarships and awards

Libraries in the News

Gwinnett educators grapple with filtering

Omaha mayor spars with public library board

40% of Los Angeles elementary schools lack libraries

Ashford University library to be renamed after librarian

Priceless Buddhist manuscripts destroyed in Kashmir floods

The first portable library, 1617


Librarians in the vanguard of anti-surveillance

Tech Talk

The best 3D printers

Samsung is developing faster Wi-Fi

New batteries charge 70% in two minutes, last 20 years

The best RSS apps and widgets for Android

How to make your computer talk to you


ADE4 in the library ebook lifecycle

Hawaii digitizes its state archives

Simon & Schuster to dabble in DRM-free ebooks

The future of digital content on the road

Books & Reading

The ultimate book trivia challenge

Tips & Ideas

Librarians against bullying

10 interactive sites for virtual field trips

Design effective rewards for game-based learning

No one knows how teens listen to music

October is LGBT History Month

Library 2.014 conference session recordings

The Librarians will premiere on TNT December 7

Medieval desktops

Each time a writer describes an archive as "dusty," a kitten dies



Latest Library Links, October 10, 2014

News from ALA and the profession

Reimagining Public Libraries

Aspen Institute report invites various stakeholders to the conversation