Making New Connections

January 11, 2012

All around us, the rapid shift from print to digital content is transforming libraries of all types. E-content offers rich and extraordinary opportunities for libraries to provide expanded access to information and to revolutionize, in positive ways, the relationship between libraries and library users. At the same time, these new forms of digital content pose profound challenges.

In this environment, libraries are struggling to cope with extraordinary uncertainty, with changes occurring practically every day. To help libraries adapt to this new world, activities are under way throughout the American Library Association to proactively address these digital content opportunities at the highest levels from both policy and practical perspectives.

As the 2012 ALA Midwinter Meeting approaches, we thought that a special supplement to American Libraries’ January/February 2012 issue would provide a perfect opportunity to begin discussing some of the topics at the core of the digital revolution currently affecting libraries. The first of four feature articles is now available, with the other three to follow by week’s end. We hope these articles give you a taste of what to expect from the Association’s Digital Content and Libraries Initiative and Working Group. We invite you to follow and participate in this work.


The Revolution Isn’t Just Digital

For libraries, the growing importance of digital content has repercussions that go far beyond technology


Top 10 Library Stories of 2011

Facing natural disasters, technology issues, and privatization concerns, librarians responded with advocacy and innovation