Midwinter 2019 Top 10 Tweets—Day 0

January 25, 2019

Top Ten Tweets

The day before the Midwinter Meeting in Seattle brings excitement, packing, and (of course) delayed-flight haikus.


First, we are excited for those of you who are joining us for your first ALA conference!

Before you left the house, you had to make sure you packed the essentials.



When you get to the gate, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game.


If you were unlucky and were delayed, at least it gives you time to write haikus.

But if you lucked out and somehow scored free Wi-Fi on the flight, you probably prepped by following the #alamw19 hashtag.

And of course, to those of you flying out today—may the force be with you (and your packing efforts).

To our #alaleftbehind folks, we’ll empty out a tote bag for you.


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