Top 10(ish) Tweets—Saturday Edition

Women’s March, surprise guest, and inside the belly of a whale

January 22, 2017

Top Ten Tweets

Saturday’s #alamw17 starts off a bit damp, but who doesn’t like a little singing in the rain?

First, you won’t believe all the speakers and authors:

Midday, librarians either took a break, joined the Atlanta Women’s March, or hit the exhibit floor:

And some Midwinter observations:

Of course, it wouldn’t be Midwinter without one surprise guest showing up.

P.S. #alaleftbehind, we’ll make sure to report out from NPH’s closing session on Monday.


Charlotte Roh, Isha Lee, and Darlene Gillard

A Welcoming and Empowering Future

Day 1 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries focuses on positive power

Mary Davis Fournier, deputy director of ALA’s Public Programs Office, introduced the “Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change” session on Saturday.

Models for Change

Session discusses resources for engagement, using dialogue to transform communities