Top Ten (Not Really) Tweets – Day 3 (Sunday)

January 26, 2014

It’s mid-Midwinter and the level of excitement is only getting higher.


Obligatory swag appreciation tweet:

Ilene Lefkowitz tweets: “5 tote bags of ARCs and swag so far. 2 t-shirts, 2 fuzzy blankets, lots of pens and a few brains. #alamw14 #swag”







Tricia G. tweets: “‘You say you want a funvolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the world.’ Sorry, @andrewslack couldn’t help it.... #alamw14”







The HP Alliance tweets: “Maybe our world doesn't have magical owls that bring you invitations to go on adventures, but it does have libraries.”







Barbara Stripling tweets: “‘Fantasy is no longer an escape from the world, but an invitation to change it.’ —with Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance #alamw14”








Forget the Grammys: It was all about the RUSA Book and Media Awards tonight!

Random House Library tweets: “Congratulations to all the winners! What a great list! #literarytastes #alamw14”







Wilda Williams tweets: “Now we’re at print reference. The equivalent of Oscar technical awards. They’re saving good stuff for last. #literarytastes #alamw14”








Here’s what we learned at Midwinter today:

Katherine tweets: “It’s culture change for libraries to think of themselves as educators. #alamw14 #connectedlearning”






EmFear tweets: “The importance of mentors in digital learning labs: ‘I feel like without the people, it’s just a room with machines.’ #alamw14”






Whitni Watkins tweets: “Another thing learned at #alamw14 sitting in the front seat of the shuttle bus makes me car sick. #weird”







Regnery Kids tweets: “‘Librarians are the secret masters of the world. They control information. Don't ever piss one off.’ —Spider Robinson #alamw14”







Ruth Boeder tweets: “The @OIF & @FTRF sessions always get me pissed off in a good way #alamw14”







Some said goodbye to Midwinter (So soon? We miss you already!):

Alexandra tweets: “So long Philly! I didn’t have one of your delicious cheesesteaks, but my heart is okay with that. Physically speaking that is. #alamw14”







Dana Reinhardt tweets: “Goodbye Philly. Like a YA character, you’re pretty & cold. Thanks @randomhousekids for everything. #alamw14”








We love you, #alaleftbehind:

“Glenwood Library tweets: I’m already making plans to be at @alamw next year. The tweets I’m reading...I want to BE THERE!!!”







Ram Villanueva tweets: “The @alamw was in Philly this year. Could’ve went but didn’t. ARRRRGHABHUGABU”







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