Top Ten Tweets (times 2, minus 2) – Day 2 (Saturday)

June 30, 2013

It was another busy and exciting day at #ala2013. Thursday and Friday were the appetizers of Annual, but now we’re getting to the main courses! Saturday was the first full day of the exhibits and attendees were bustling all over the Exhibit Hall chatting with over 800 exhibitors and grabbing some very sweet swag. Attendees enjoyed the “Best of the Second City” at the ALA/ProQuest Scholarship Bash, which featured hilarious library jokes and improvisation.

Other than realizing we can never narrow it down to only 10 tweets here, what have we learned so far at #ala2013?

ALA Annual tweeted: The good news: Our #ala2013 hashtag is trending nationally! The bad news: Spammers. This is why we can't have nice things. . . .







Librarians will never escape their association with cardigans (hey, librarians set that trend!):

Evan Banned tweeted: Scavenger hunt: Find a librarian wearning a cardigan with a cat on it. #pics #ala2013






It was impossible to leave #ala2013 without swag:

Karen Burke tweeted: Trying to process all the amazing sessions, the stack, swag, and all the interesting people. Not fair I only have one day at ALA. #ala2013






Better Know a Dewey tweeted: Aaah! Just woke up with a start in a pile of swag. . . #librarianproblems #ala2013






Carolyn Bolger tweeted: sooooo tired, sooooo happy. I ended up with 26 new books, all free, and went to fabulous sessions. Is this real life? #no it's #ala2013






(Or is this fantasy?)


Attendees really love ribbons:

Melissa Tallis: Things that are awkward: name tags with ribbons that go past your knees #ala2013






Something unexpected is bound to happen to you:

Caitlin Schaffer tweeted: Walk into a random session for 30 minutes, walk out with a painted face and an invitation to present the next day. #ala2013







Librarians are wild beasts, especially those on Twitter:

Clare Davitt tweeted: Dear librarians: I know we're all tweeting as we run amuck but please remember to look up & not run folks down. Thanks, #ala2013







We have a very clever crowd:

Helen Smith tweeted: Today's note-taking during presentations seems to be primarily done by taking photos of the slides. Except for me. #ala2013







Many tweeters had great suggestions for future Annual Conferences:

Library as Incubator tweeted: One of the vendors should have kittens. Why isn't there a petting zoo. . .or therapy dogs? #ala2013






Kristin Briney tweeted: The #ala2013 bus consensus is that the conference schedule/book could have used better organization of information & better facets. #irony








And some refused to ever leave:

Lauren Elizabeth tweeted: Librarians are my people. I'm never coming home #ala2013







Literati send the love:

Jonathan Maberry tweeted: Librarians are super heroes. Every last one of them. Fund 'em, support 'em, celebrate 'em. #ala2013






Jennifer Laughran tweeted: What an amazing day! I LOVE ALA!!!! (This kinda makes BEA look like dog food.) #ala2013







Maybe it’s because we never really leave anyone behind—
especially not in the Top 10 Tweets. . .

Valerie Forrestal tweeted: Nonono, you all continue to have fun. I'm just gonna play some candy crush saga and then change the cat litter. It's cool. #alaleftbehind








. . . because librarians are NOT quiet and proud of it. . .

Rob D.: tweeted: One of the best things about @alaannual is remembering how hard librarians can party. #ala2013







. . . and even make humble into awesomesauce!